now look at this… here’s a man who spent the day running around like a headless chicken, stressing out about everything no doubt, wanting everything to be perfect… for US and here he is apologising for something going wrong, something that wasn’t HIS fault. He’s still in his stage clothes FFS which means he went straight back to the Lab (probably after signing a butt load of autographs and posing for a hundred photos - and smiling while he did it) there was no aftert party no bevvy of beautiful ladies because he wanted to make sure WE were ok and not pissed


Mother Fugging This.

someone give this person a medal for this post! amen

*applauds so hard hands detach*

More Chloe Bartoli. No matter how hard I try I can not get myself to like her even a little bit. Please tell me I'm not alone.






You’re not alone. ;)
Other than the fact that generally she kinda shows off their close relationship, something that also annoys the fuck out of me lately is that she’s trying to look like a female version of Jared. The hair for example. I mean, why would she want to copy his hair? HIS hair, THAT hair, that it’s like an anthem itself. Doesn’t she get that there cannot be 2 hair queens in 1 hair kingdom? Girl, please. -.-

Preach it sista! She’s such a copycat x100000. No personality at all. She wants to be Jared with a vagina. To me she’s useless. Just a so called “fashion stylist” with a surfboard instead of a jaw who claims to be better than anyone cause “HEY JARED LETO IS MY BBF.”

Omg I love you

I normally don’t really comment on fandom bullshit anymore but this has just pissed me off. Fair enough, you don’t have to like everyone, but you don’t even know the girl enough TO NOT like her. Do you realise just how petty it is to hate on someone based on this kind of shit? Like the hair thing, are you all fucking serious? She’s ALWAYS had that kind of hair, and if we’re gonna get real petty, he’s taken it from her, to be quite honest. Don’t sit there and say that she acts like she’s better than everyone because she’s friends with Jared either, you don’t know the damn girl. Also, I’m pretty sure more than half of you would think you’re “”better than everyone else”” if you were friends with Jared, you would all think your shit don’t fucking stink, and you know it. I’m so over petty little fan girls just tearing apart any female friend Jared has, fucking the rest of the band can do as they please but dare Jared have a friend who is female, and she’s “using him.” Get over it, they’re friends. End off. You’re all just jealous of the fact that you aren’t friends with him. Simple. 

First of all, I agree with you that we don’t have to like everyone. You said, though, we don’t even know the girl enough to not like her. Well, we don’t know her enough to like her, either. So, because of the fact that she’s around a person that we care about, i think it’s pretty normal for us to  come to superficial conclusions about her based on what we see. Of course I don’t know her personally, maybe she’s the coolest person on earth, who knows, that’s why i’m open to any new possible positive info about her. But, see, i don’t know Emma Ludbrook personally, either, i do have a positive opinion of her, though. I don’t know Justin Bieber personally but i do have a negative opinion of him. Not just because i don’t like his attitude but also maybe because his face is just annoying to me. Do you see my point? It’s obviously people’s acts that help you have an opinion of them but, sometimes it’s also some little things, such as the body language or the dressing or whatever, that maybe can affect you in a positive or negative way. It’s how the human nature works i think, right? Based on what we see, we judge.
Now, i’m not the type of person that seriously hates on anybody, unless they’re like criminals or bad persons in general, and i do get your point that it’s petty to talk shit about someone based on what they do with their hair but it’s something that my eyes see and can’t not comment on that, even if it’s petty. It makes me feel things, you know, so i express them. I didn’t crucify Chloe though, i just said that i don’t like some things.
And yes, surprisingly, i’d definitely feel like the queen of the world if i had such a close relationship with Jared, i admit it. But i guess i would remain my humble self at the same time and just hung out with him without showing off my half naked body or butt next to him all the time or laughing publicly at some ‘stupid fucking fans’ of his work.
Finally, i’m gonna speak just for myself again, i’m surely not a ‘petty little fangirl’, just so you know. I’m SO more than that, trust me, you’d be jealous and scared at the same time if you could see inside my heart and brain, and i’m glad to be able to feel and think like i do. :)
And yup, we all wish we were friends with Jared and we’re kinda ‘jealous’ of people that do have that privilege but, for me, it’s a privilege, as well, to get to have him in my life like 24/7 (God bless the internet), to be sure that in a shitty day he’ll ‘be there’ to make me feel better, to just love him full time. I can pass my days cheerfully just having that. It’s enough for me. Simple.

Interesting convo girls, good points made on both sides I have to admit. But after all we all better accept her in Jared´s life. Love her or hate her, none of us can do anything with it… So you better add ChB to your “ignore list” like I did log time ago. 

Laughing Shannon in Winnipeg :) [by rob__cosby]


If you see this


Know that unfortunately accidents happen, nothing more that.



oh dear..hope he is good

[x / x]


Toronto #carnivorestour #linkinpark @chesterbe @m_shinoda #elaboratestage #supercool # (at Air Canada Centre)

Toronto #carnivorestour #linkinpark @chesterbe @m_shinoda #elaboratestage #supercool # (at Air Canada Centre)

@shannonleto on the stage #carnivorestour #toronto #thirtysecondstomars #postconcertdepressioninprogress (at Toronto - Air Canada Center)

@shannonleto on the stage #carnivorestour #toronto #thirtysecondstomars #postconcertdepressioninprogress (at Toronto - Air Canada Center)

So me that it hurts

So me that it hurts